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Welcome to Blue Apple Dental Group

Blue Apple Dental Group’s dedicated team of professionals focuses on improving your smile using the latest advances in dental care as well as your long-term health with our specialized, in-house dental implant treatments.

Dentist group specialties

Blue Apple’s Dr. Anthony Lieu has the expertise and the most cutting-edge dental instruments to place and restore lost or damaged teeth in house. Most dentists can perform either dental implant placement or restoration in their office, but a very select few can perform both steps in one place. Dr. Lieu uses the following procedures in house:

Dental implants help our patients regain the ability to eat what they like without worry, improve their overall health, and get back to enjoying life.

Family Dentist Services

Our modern general and cosmetic dentistry practice uses the most advanced techniques to restore the beautiful, happy smile you were born to have! Our dental services include:

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is a great advancement in modern dentistry.  No more drilling, and sometimes, no more shots! Experience a less painful, less ear-pummeling, more comfortable visit. Ask us about laser gum treatments, too.

Dental Wellness Plan

Blue Apple Dental Group is in the process of implementing a dental wellness plan, an innovative, non-insurance subscription dental service our patients will be able to use to help pay for dental cleanings, exams, x-rays, and more. This is not an insurance, this is a dental wellness plan. This program raises the standard of care above what the insurance companies will allow. This means that we aim to treat our patients with what they need to be healthy and not let the insurance companies dictate what our patients need. Please stay tuned for more information on this new service! Blue Apple is one of a few dentists to offer this plan in the North Bay!

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